Advantages of cooperating with me:

· More than 25 years of consolidated experience as conference interpreter for German, English and French in a wide variety of settings - including high-level 4-eye talks, multi-day technical conferences and TV-broadcasts of important public statements.

· teams of interpreters perfectly recruited for your event, who will make your event a success in all languages you may require

· one-stop-shop language services of high quality, which are guaranteed by my membership in the association of conference interpreters (VKD), my sound training as a qualified interpreter and my regular participation in professional training courses.


Tailored to your specific communication situation, I offer you the following interpreting solutions:

· simultaneous
· consecutive
· liaison interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting

Are you currently considering organising an online congress or perhaps a hybrid event with interpretation? Feel free to talk to me about the different options for online interpreting. Together we will find out what is best for you and your participants.


In cooperation with professional language service providers, you can request translations into and from approx. 40 languages.
In addition, we design and localise your international website.

How do interpreters work

In the following video you can see how conference interpreters can support you at your next multilingual event (video in German).

about beo Sprachendienste

Some information on "Beo" (German name for hill mynah)

The hill mynah is one of the most talented speakers among the birds and has no connection whatsoever to parrots - as some people mistakenly think.
The hill mynah belongs to the starling family (gracula religiosa) and mainly lives on the Asian continent. You will also find it in New Zealand, for instance. This bird can imitate any noise or human voice to utmost perfection.

Beo Sprachendienste

Beo Sprachendienste works in a broad network of competent colleagues.
The central contact person for the services you use with us is Mr Yan-Christoph Pelz - qualified interpreter since 1995 (University of Heidelberg).

Contact request

If you have any further questions, you can reach us by phone or
We will be happy to provide you with an attractive quote.

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