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We have flexible rates as every task is different regarding requirements and conditions. We can tell you which costs you will have to expect for your specific order in case you entrust us with it.
Send us an email and we will send you a preliminary estimate.

Interpreting quote

When interpreting, the following factors are included in our calculation:

  • interpreting services on the days of the event,
  • prior research into the subject matter
  • the processing of the documents provided;
  • the intensive familiarisation with the respective subject matter as well as
  • the detailed preparation of the presentations provided.

Incidental expenses may include: travel expenses, per diem and accommodation allowances, and an allowance for travel time.

Translation quote

When translating, we charge on the basis of lines (50 characters including spaces). The degree of difficulty of the text to be translated and the desired delivery date are also taken into account.

Proofreading quote

For proofreading, we charge on the basis of the time required and the desired depth of correction (simple proofreading for spelling and grammar, additional stylistic changes, checking the content against the original text). The desired delivery date is also taken into account in our pricing.